Sutter One Stop

Success Stories

Take a look below to read about the success stories from the Sutter County One Stop.


Matt Langley

I began working with Matthew in April 2016.  He had been out of work for close to two years and needed help with finding a job.  His work history was sporadic and consisted mostly of seasonal or very short term employment.  He was hoping to find anything that would help make ends meet and was applying for any job he could.  As Matt and I continued to discuss services offered through the One Stop, we developed a Customized Job Search Plan.  No longer applying for anything and everything, we focused on jobs that were of interest to Matt.  Targeting employment opportunities with similar skillset requirements that Matt had, as well as an interest in, and a desire to learn, Matt was able to secure employment utilizing our On-The-Job Training Program incentive.  During the course of the OJT agreement, Matt was provided with the training necessary to allow him to be fully capable and competent in his new job.  He has been recognized by his employer as the best employee they could ask for.  He is the model by which all employees are encouraged to follow.  Not only does Matt love his job, he has found a career.   Congratulations Matt on all that you have accomplished!

Sandi Hill, Business Workforce Specialist


Sukhvir Thandi

Sukhvir came into the One Stop as a 17 year old senior with no work experience hoping to get help with finding permanent employment.  He was enrolled in our program 09/30/2016 and registered for our work readiness workshop after completing a career assessment. Sukhvir applied with multiple businesses but was not successful in becoming employed. After Sukhvir completed our 4 day work readiness workshop at the end of October, we knew he would be successful if he could get his foot in the door.  We decided to put him on a work experience with Marshalls.  We placed Sukhvir at Marshalls, and within the first few weeks the supervisors knew that Sukhvir would be a good addition to their staff.  Sukhvir is kind, upbeat and positive, learns very quickly and has great work ethics.  Due to Sukhvir’s age, Marshalls had to postpone bringing him on until February but he is now a permanent employee and just as expected a great addition to the Marshalls Team.