Sutter One Stop

Success Stories

Success stories from the Sutter County One Stop.

Picture of Haleigh Pevonka

Haleigh Pevonka

At the age of 18, Haleigh tried drugs for the first time. Addiction took over and ruined her life before she noticed what was happening. She found herself in legal trouble and almost lost everything. Haleigh decided to turn her life around and has been sober since 2018.

Haleigh wanted to find work and was referred to the Sutter County One Stop by Sutter County Probation. It was evident that she wanted to change and wanted a better life for herself. Haleigh learned what her transferable skills were and received help developing a resume and polishing her interview skills. She was given the opportunity for a work experience placement at Togo’s/Baskin Robbins.

Haleigh loved her placement at Togo’s/Baskin Robbins. She liked the supportive environment and got along well with her supervisors and coworkers. She excelled at her job and was offered a permanent position after the work experience placement was over. Her self-esteem is growing every day. She is excited about her new job and moving forward into a new life. Congratulations Haleigh, you have come so far, and we are so proud of you!

Picture of Lucerica Carvajal

Lucerica Carvajal

Lucerica Carvajal came to the Sutter County One Stop in May of 2019 in hopes of pursuing her dream to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). Currently, Lucerica works in the healthcare field and due to that exposure, she felt compelled to further advance in her career. Lucerica has been working as a Certified Nursing Assistant for the past 6 years and she loves working with patients. Lucerica was accepted into the 16 month LVN Program thru the ROP/CTE Program here at the Sutter County One Stop.  In addition, Lucerica was enrolled in the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program to assist with some of her training expenses for school. Lucerica is doing wonderfully in the LVN Program and making steady progress in class. She has been receiving A’s and B’s on her tests and practicum exams. Lucerica is so proud to be graduating in October 2020. Lucerica has always wanted to be a LVN in the city she grew up in and give back to the community.

Success Story of Pali Moua

Pali Moua

Pali came to the Sutter County One Stop in July of 2019 as a recent graduate of Yuba Community College and looking to gain some clerical experience to help her start using her newly obtained associates degree. She was enrolled into our youth program and received assistance creating a professional resume, practicing interview techniques, and job searching. Pali was able to build up her skills by participating in a work experience here at the Sutter County One Stop. Pali learned valuable skills such as how to answer/transfer multi line phone systems, refer customers to services, and maintain filing systems and records. These skills and training helped her to obtain full time work as an office assistant at Evans Furniture. During the course of her time in the youth program, Pali became more confident in her abilities and it was a pleasure to work with her. We wish you the best of luck in your new position Pali.

Robery Thompson in yellow shirt

Robert Thompson

Even during COVID-19, our Sutter County One Stop has been making a difference in the lives of Yuba-Sutter residents by connecting them with employers. Sometimes it takes time to ensure employment that meets the client’s needs. One such success story is Robert Thompson.

Robert has been working with Sutter County One Stop since 2017 when he was in high school. He was part of the in-school youth program. He had multiple barriers during that time that kept him from completing the program. In January 2020, he returned as part of the out of school youth program. He was completing a work experience with Caliber Collision, but then the pandemic hit.

On July 6, Robert began working for Dove’s Auto Glass and was granted a full-time position with that company on July 25. "Robert is a great worker, fast learner and just awesome to have as an employee," said Kenny, the owner of Dove's Auto Glass.

“I’m grateful for everything Toni at One Stop has done for me over the years. I’m so glad I met her; she has helped me many times,” Robert said.

Picture of Steven O’Connell

Steven O’Connell

Steven came to Sutter One Stop for WIOA assistance in completing the Psych Tech program at Yuba College.  Steven is a veteran and through life circumstances has led a path towards working with health care.  WIOA has assisted Steven with some of the costs of his training and will continue to assist with licensing fees and job readiness skills (resume, interviewing and job searching).  He will be graduating in May with an AS in Psychiatric Technology, Natural Science and Biology.  His plan is work as a Psych Tech locally.  His education does not stop here, he plans to apply to the RN program at Yuba College. Best of luck to you Steven!

Graduation picture of Raynear Herrin

Success Story: Raynear Herrin

Raynear came to Sutter One Stop unemployed but with an active Guard Card, CPR certificate and recently completed a firearms permit class.  She stated that her goal is to work in law enforcement.  She was seeking assistance to obtain firearms license which would make her more marketable while job searching.  While assisting Raynear with this process she was contacted by Yuba College that she was accepted into their Correctional Officer course.  Raynear obtained financial aid and WIOA assistance for required uniform attire.  She successfully completed the course and is now applying for Correctional Officer positions within the surrounding counties.  The Sutter County One Stop will continue to assist Raynear towards employment as she has proven to show that she is a hardworking and determined individual.