Sutter One Stop

Success Stories

Success stories from the Sutter County One Stop.

Daniel Anderson

Daniel came into the One Stop looking for work; he had never held a permeant job before and was nervous about interviewing. He had an extremely positive and outgoing attitude and participated in our mock interviews and work readiness. After doing well in his mock interview, I scheduled him an interview for a Work Experience with Raley’s. The Supervisors were impressed with Daniel’s commitment to assisting customers and offered him a position as a courtesy clerk. Now Daniel is attending college classes and continuing to work at Raley’s. He makes every customer smile and ensures they have pleasant experience, I wish him the best of luck.

Jaspreet Kaur

Jaspreet came into the Sutter County One Stop as a recent high school graduate with no work experience; she was getting ready to start classes at Yuba College and needed to find work. She completed our “Interview and Employment Essentials Workshop” which prepared her for her first interview. She is a very shy and felt that the interview really prepared her to be able to talk to hiring managers. I scheduled her for a Work Experience with Walgreens where Jaspreet did very well. They were hiring at the time and were so impressed with Jaspreet that they hired her before her Work Experience hours were even complete.  Now she is attending college and continuing to work at Walgreens. It has been amazing to see Jaspreet come out of her shell and start this next part of her life, which I know she will succeed.


Jeannette Fullmer

Jeannette took full advantage of the services offered at Sutter County One Stop. She attended several of our job readiness workshops and received assistance with training.  She attended OSC’s distance learning program and obtained a Certificate in Medical Billing, Coding, and Administration for Physician.  Upon graduation, she began job searching and accepted a temporary position, Patient Services, with Rideout.  Her professionalism and pleasant personality along with her willingness to assist patients and coworkers caught the eye of supervisors.  She was offered permanent employment as a PBX Patient Registration in the ER.  She states that her plan is to remain with Rideout and advance to an Insurance Verification Specialist (within the same department) which she now has the credentials for the positon.

We wish Jeannette continued success!