Sutter One Stop


Take a look below to read how the Sutter County One Stop has helped individuals reach their goals in their own words!


Michelle "Mich" Vance

“I received tuition assistance from the WIOA program to help me start my life over and start a career as a Medical Assistant.  Annette has been encouraging me every step of the way.  If it was not for her support, I do not think I could have done it.  I will be completing by mid-April and hope to work in an orthopedic clinic.”
- Michelle “Mich” Vance

Picture of Muqadas Rafique

Muqadas Rafique

“Thank you Sutter County One Stop! Thanks for being so empowering, not only for myself but for the youth. Thank you for not only teaching me all the job skills and techniques but actually providing me with a job where I get lifetime experience. It is a place where anyone can get so many great services and opportunities to succeed because that’s their main goal. I loved being a part of this amazing and motivational place because of the non-judgmental approach and respect for diversity.”
-Muqadas Rafique

Testimonial of Peggy Vang

Peggy Vang

“Thank you Sutter County One Stop! Thank you Heather Archer, Wendy Epp, and the entire staff for being so helpful and pushing me to find my new passion! I knew I loved working with people, but I never knew how much I’d love providing HealthCare for my community and giving back! I was able to get certified through One Stop’s WIOA program and find a full time job in less than a year! Medical Assisting is my new career and passion. Thank you!
- Peggy Vang

Tanya Gates in front of wall

Tanya Gates

“I am a mother of 3 and have been a stay at home mom for the last 5 years as I found it redundant to work to only be able to pay for someone else to watch my children. My children have finally all reached school age this year and I was ready to return to the work force. I set out on my own to find employment but much has changed since the days of turning in paper applications face to face with a prospective employer. I found myself looking into employment agencies with my name on a long list waiting to get a call for an interview.

Picture of Vahiguru (Pauli) Kaur

Vahiguru (Pauli) Kaur

“I showed up at the Sutter County One Stop in February 2019. I needed a typing test certificate for a job that I was applying for. Tamara Russ was there that day to help out with the typing test. I explained my situation to her, and she so delightfully took me under her wing, and helped me in every aspect that to me was difficult in getting back into the job market. The job market has changed so much in the last few years.


Valeria Hernandez

“The programs at the Sutter County One Stop have made my dream come true. I am so thankful they have helped me overcome my barriers. I am so happy that I am accomplishing my dream of becoming a Medical Assistant.”
- Valeria Hernandez


Vivian Celentano

"Professional and knowledgeable staff.  Informative and useful workshops.  Tons of information on job leads.  You receive one-on-one professional counseling from people that care about you and want you to succeed.  I recommend to everyone that is looking for employment or wanting to better themselves in preparation for a better job.  I highly recommend using this local resource.  A+++ resource in Sutter County!"
- Vivian Celentano