Sutter One Stop


Take a look below to read how the Sutter County One Stop has helped individuals reach their goals in their own words!


Clarene Rogers

“One Stop helped me get my resume updated and gave me the confidence that I needed. They surprised me and helped me get new clothes and shoes for my new job! I would not be where I am today without the guidance and support of the One stop Team and WIOA.”
- Clarene Rogers


Michelle "Mich" Vance

“I received tuition assistance from the WIOA program to help me start my life over and start a career as a Medical Assistant.  Annette has been encouraging me every step of the way.  If it was not for her support, I do not think I could have done it.  I will be completing by mid-April and hope to work in an orthopedic clinic.”
- Michelle “Mich” Vance

Minden Micheli

“I had experience, but I needed some help. I attended the Interview and Employment Essentials Workshop and updated my resume. Now, I have a job working for people who I love while doing what I love. I appreciate the guidance, help, and kindness that the staff so willingly gave me; thank you!”
- Minden Micheli


Nicole Vaughn

"My experience going through the One-Stop has been the most life changing experience since I moved across the country. I have been working with Julio Raya vigorously since day one. He has been so diligent with helping obtain a career by comparing my interests and skill sets to the current market while getting me connected with companies that are seeking a business professional like muah. I'm not sure if he gets the credit he deserves, but he is amazing and needs a raise. He actually cares about our success and it shows.

Samantha Sallaberry

“I worked with Jessica from the Sutter County One Stop and was placed at the Goodwill through the work experience program. I felt more confident working through the program and learning the job before actually applying to get hired. I am very satisfied with the program and would recommend others looking for work connect with the One Stop. Jessica was helpful and friendly. She was clear about everything and met all my needs. I have been hired on full-time at Goodwill and am very thankful for the help I received.”
- Samantha Sallaberry

Sarah Shoemaker

“I was part of the Welfare to Work/Sutter County One Stop Program and Julio Raya was my employment specialist. He was always helpful when I needed it. He would give me good advice when it comes to finding an employer.

I’ve always known I was skilled at customer service, but Julio and the One Stop team at Sutter County Welfare really gave me the confidence boost I needed. I am grateful for them and this program. I wouldn’t have come this far with the workforce or in my own confidence without them.”
- Sarah Shoemaker


Sumer Gill

“Loved the friendly staff, everyone was super helpful in getting me to where I wanted to be.  Would definitely recommend the MA Program.”
-Sumer Gill


Valeria Hernandez

“The programs at the Sutter County One Stop have made my dream come true. I am so thankful they have helped me overcome my barriers. I am so happy that I am accomplishing my dream of becoming a Medical Assistant.”
- Valeria Hernandez


Vivian Celentano

"Professional and knowledgeable staff.  Informative and useful workshops.  Tons of information on job leads.  You receive one-on-one professional counseling from people that care about you and want you to succeed.  I recommend to everyone that is looking for employment or wanting to better themselves in preparation for a better job.  I highly recommend using this local resource.  A+++ resource in Sutter County!"
- Vivian Celentano