Sutter One Stop


Take a look below to read how the Sutter County One Stop has helped individuals reach their goals in their own words!

Picture of Lucerica Carvajal

Lucerica Carvajal

“I’m really grateful to One Stop for the services and the opportunities they provide to our community. One Stop has made it very easy for me to further my education and has opened up a lot of career opportunities for me.” 
-  Lucerica Carvajal

Testimonial of Pali Moua

Pali Moua

“I came to Sutter County One Stop July 2019. I was in need of a job and wanted to begin taking advantage of the services the One Stop offers. I was introduced to Rhea Burns. I briefly explained what I was looking for, and she helped me update my resume, improve on my interview skills, and by offering a work experience at the Sutter County One Stop as an Office Assistant. I've gained many valuable office skills that will benefit me greatly. Working at the Sutter County One Stop has made me a stronger and well-organized person.

Picture of Raynear Herrin

Raynear Herrin

“I was able to accomplish and complete my goals, first thanks to my counselor Annette Henderson and the WIOA program.  I was able to graduate Correctional Officer Academy to work in the jail soon, and hopefully soon I will be able to begin my career as a Correctional Officer and be a good example for others.”
Raynear Herrin

Robert Thompson in Yellow Shirt

Robert Thompson

Even during COVID-19, our Sutter County One Stop has been making a difference in the lives of Yuba-Sutter residents by connecting them with employers. Sometimes it takes time to ensure employment that meets the client’s needs. One such success story is Robert Thompson.

Picture of Haleigh Pevonka

Testimonial of Haleigh Pevonka

“I would like to sincerely thank the Sutter County One Stop for all the help I received. From the moment I first started working with them I knew that they truly cared. They took the time to listen to my needs and helped me develop a plan to find employment. I knew I could be a great worker if someone would give me the chance. I was given the opportunity to receive a work experience at Togo’s/Baskin Robbins. It was a great fit! I liked working there and got along well with my coworkers. I was determined to prove myself as a person they would want to hire.

Picture of Steven O’Connell

Testimonial:Steven O’Connell

“I would tell anyone who is looking to educate themselves to look seriously into One Stop.  One Stop has been instrumental to my succeeding in my education by helping me finance my books, and by being my friends whom I am accountable to, and this friendship pushes me to do well.”
- Steven O’Connell