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Sutter One Stop

Employer Testimonial

Testimonial: Andre Neill at East Linda Gardens Apartments

East Linda Gardens Apartment
“The Transitional Partnership Program (TPP) at the Sutter County One Stop has a positive impact on our community. East Linda Gardens Apartments has provided work experiences that helps give students insights to real world expectations. It has allowed us the opportunity to provide training to students who might not otherwise get the opportunity (especially paid). Students gain awareness of more resources in the community when they are involved with this program.  I believe it also helps motivate students to become more involved with programs that assist them with progressing their skills in the future.

In addition, TPP has helped our business receive recognition in the community for our participation in the program, which is a big bonus! I highly recommend the program to both students and business.”
-Andre Neill, Community Manager
East Linda Gardens Apartment

Shadd Janitorial Supply:
“We have used the On-the-Job Training (OJT) program at the Sutter County One Stop for many years. It has been wonderful to have this service available to us. We have been able to hire both part-time & full-time employees through this program. The program has also blessed us in a financial way that the training wages are refunded back to the business. For a small business, it is very important to have good cash flow. It also allows us to take the time while looking to see if it is a good fit for us and the employee and most of the time it is.

We appreciate Julio and his team who have been just as wonderful at finding the talent and the possible employees that we need. Another thing that is important is the opportunity to deposit encouragement and hope into their lives. We hope that everyone that is sent to us leaves better than when they came. I have enjoyed all the people that have been placed with us, even if they do not stay, it is still a blessing to us to have them.”
-Roger Shadd, Owner
Shadd Janitorial Supply