Sutter One Stop

Employer Testimonial

“Sutter One Stop has recently been one of our top choices for recruiting new employees. In the past we relied on the Yuba Sutter temp services for employees, but it was a hit and miss on the quality and employee reliability as well as an added expense. Since using YC One Stop for potential new employees the quality and reliability issues we used to have are not problems we need to address any longer.

Mainguth Property Improvements Inc attended the fall Job fair in Yuba City and we had a good number of potential employees leave their resumes with us. We did hire one of the attendees and even though it turned out only temporary it was still a good hire.

MPI has used the Yuba Sutter One Stop training programs to find potential employees and we have had success with it.  We have encouraged other Nevada County employers with employee staffing needs to try the training programs that Yuba Sutter One Stop has to offer. We feel that once they look at the benefits to the employer as well as the employee, they will find it a valuable tool.

We hope to continue working with Sutter County One Stop as our staff needs continue to grow.”

- Marcus Ramirez, Manager