Assistant Dryer supervisor

Full Time
Date received:
Wed, Jun 6th
Date closed:
Sat, Jul 28th


  •  Responsible for the operation of the equipment and employees in department.
  • Observes temperature of rice, records and operates equipment to ensure proper drying of product.
  • Interprets company policies to workers and enforces safety regulations.
  • Interprets drying specifications and job orders to workers and assigns tasks.
  • Establishes or adjusts work procedures to meet production schedules, using knowledge of capacities of machines and equipment.
  • Recommends measurers to improve production methods, equipment performance, quality of product, suggests changes in working conditions and use of equipment to increase efficiency of the department.
  • Analyzes and resolves work problems, or assists workers in solving work problems.
  • Suggest plans to the Dryer Manager to motivate workers to achieve work goals.
  • Recommends personnel actions such as promotions, transfers, discharges and disciplinary measures.
  • May observe conveyors transferring grain from storage bin and control flow of grain into feed hopper.
  • May test grain to ensure moisture content standards are being met, using moisture meter.
  • May train new workers.
  • Responsible for set up of machines and equipment.
  • Must be able to drive/operate bobcat and other equipment specific to the dryer work area.
  • Must be able to work in typical warehouse conditions.
  • Responsible for compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Food Safety Procedures.
  • Responsible for compliance to Cal-OSHA and companies Injury Illness Prevention Program, Safety Policies, Procedures and Programs. Performs other duties as required.


REQUIRED skills and abilities:


  • Knowledge of machinery associated with drying and/or storage operations and rice flow.
  • Skill to use a personal computer, Excel spreadsheets and various software packages in an office type environment.
  • Ability to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with objectives without supervision.
  • Ability to handle and resolve recurring problems.
  • Establish and maintains permanent files.
  • Must have knowledge and experience operating a Powered Industrial Truck (forklift).
  • Must have basic reading, writing and math skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages.
  • Must have knowledge of rice quality factors and reasonable milling out-turns.
  • Supervisory experience in a production facility preferred.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to prioritize on the spot and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.


  •  This is a full-time position; 7am-3:30 pm.
  • Must be able to work overtime, holidays, and/or weekends as needed.
  • MUST be able to work 7pm-7am during rice season

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