Dietary Aide

Date received:
Tue, Jul 2nd
Date closed:
Fri, Jul 31st

1. Reads production orders on tray cards to determine items to place on tray.
2. Places items, such as eating utensils, napkins, straws, condiments and tray cards
on trays.
3. Performs food preparation tasks as assigned.
4. Pours juices and beverages (coffee, tea, milk, cocoa) and serve on tray at
correct temperature, neatly, and in amounts called for at the proper time.
5. Serve assigned food on trays at proper time, attractively, and at correct
temperature. May help with food preparation.
6. Examines completed tray for accuracy and places on cart.
7. Fills orders for between-meal nourishments as assigned.
8. Assist with dessert placement onto serving dishes and then onto resident’s trays.
9. Pushes carts to halls or kitchen.
10. Maintain daily care of dishwasher and dish washing area, sinks, work tables, dish
storage areas and food carts.
11. Washes dishes and cleans work area, tables, and cabinets:
a. Scrapes and racks soiled dishes
b. Sends dishes through dish machine
c. Sorts and stacks clean dishes
d. Puts dishes into storage area
e. Maintains cleanliness and orderliness of dish machine or area.
f. Records dish machine temperatures (+ppm for low temperature
12. To aid in efficiency of work performed, keeps own work area tidy and clean, and
cooperates in keeping entire Dietary Department clean and in order.
13. Empties trash cans daily and cleans them thoroughly. Replaces liners and returns
cans to stations.
14. Assist with care of floors in department by sweeping and/or mopping at a time
when food is not being prepared or served.

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