Sutter One Stop

Looking for Your First Job?

Let’s face it, finding a job is hard. As a young person, you may have little or no work experience so finding a job may seem impossible, but it’s not. It is hard work. Begin by evaluating your skills & interests. Make a list of things you have to offer to an employer. You must learn to not only recognize your skills, but also how to express them to an employer. Once you have your skills down, you should create a resume. If you aren’t sure how to create one, you can look at examples online. The Sutter County One Stop also has resume worksheets, resume programs available on our computers in our Job Central office and knowledgeable staff that can assist you with the process.

Next, begin looking for a job. Treat job searching like it is your full-time job. If you can’t invest quality time in your job search, chances are you won’t find one. There are many different ways to search for jobs:  online ads, job fairs, networking, help wanted signs, newspaper ads and employment centers like the Sutter County One Stop. Do not rely on just one method of job searching.

Keep in mind, most people do not usually start out in the job of their dreams. However, your first job will give you skills, experience and confidence to get a better job. Good luck!