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Sutter One Stop

Happy New Year! Would you like a new career in 2020?

Change is happening all around us. Does it have you thinking this is a good time for a change, too?  Are you looking for a new career path but just not sure where or how to start with this process?  Are you a first-time job seeker trying to determine how to tackle the job market?

One of the first steps to take to determine what career to pursue or how to job search is to look at your own values, interests, personality and skills. This is a self-assessment or personal inventory.  The results of the self-assessment will aid you in making an informed decision about your future career path and will provide you with a list of career possibilities that are appropriate for you based on your answers. Once you know a little more about yourself, you can start to explore the list of potential careers to narrow down the path that is best for you. We have several different types of assessments you can access here at the Sutter County One Stop. Call (530) 822-5120 ext. 3068 or 711 TRS/VRS or visit our Job Central office for more information.