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Sutter One Stop

Lost your job? Looking for work?

Have you lost your job in a mass lay-off or plant closure? Are you currently receiving, or have you exhausted your unemployment insurance benefits? If you answer “yes” to either of these questions, we can assist you with your employment needs or in being retrained.

We offer unique employment and training programs for eligible individuals who have lost their jobs in mass layoffs or plant closures, or who have been laid off and are unlikely to return to their jobs.  This program allows for individualized re-employment services.

Services are designed to help individuals get back to work as quickly as possible and overcome such difficult barriers to employment as: difficulty transferring specialized skills to other occupations or industries, a decline in the market demand for certain skills, age or length of work experience, need for formal training or education and/or lack of jobs with earnings at a level comparable to their previous positions.

Services are custom tailored to meet an individual’s specific needs.  Working one-on-one with a staff member you’ll develop a plan for employment that may include:  career planning and counseling, job search and placement services, approved training and/or other support services.

How to apply for services:  as soon as you receive notice of permanent layoff or termination, you may inquire about assistance in our Job Central office. Staff will help determine if you are eligible and get you started.