White tiles on a background that spell out “coronavirus”
Sutter One Stop

Has your employment been affected by the Coronovirus?

Has your employment been affected by COVID-19? Have you been laid off or experienced a reduction in hours or pay due to Covid-19? Are you currently unemployed and have been unemployed for 15 out of the last 26 weeks?  You may qualify for employment and career services. Don’t worry, you may qualify for other types of assistance even if you answered no to these questions. We know what a frustrating and challenging time it is for you and we are here to help! We believe in you and want to help you achieve employment success!  

We are currently scheduling phone appointments. Please reach out to us and one of our representatives will be in touch to help you on your employment journey. Call (530) 822-5120 or 711 TRS/VRS or email us at sutteronestop [at] sutter [dot] k12 [dot] ca [dot] us (subject: COVID-19)