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The purpose of a job application is to see if you have the qualifications to do the job. It is often the first
chance you have to showcase your skills, knowledge and abilities.


  • Use only blue or black ink to complete the application
  • Never lie on an application.
  • Don't use white out. Ask for two applications, just in case you make a mistake on the first one.
  • Review the application after you have completed it. Check for spelling errors, neatness and to make sure you have filled out the entire form.
  • Make sure you sign the application.
  • Attach your cover letter and resume.

After you submit your application, like it or not, the ball is in the employer’s court. Be patient at this stage in the process. Employers may not even be reviewing the applications for a few weeks, or they might have hundreds to sift through. However, that doesn’t mean you stop job searching. Don’t sit around and wait forever to see if you get an interview. You will want to continue your job search by submitting applications with other businesses in case you do not get called in for an interview.

Job seekers are advised that they follow up with the employer to check on the status of their application at least once, unless the employer suggests otherwise. Do not call the business, take the time to go in and check on the application. However, it is important not to pester an employer.  After all, you're not the only person applying for the job.

Online Applications
Have you noticed that many employers have changed the way they recruit prospective employees?  Employers are now having applicants apply online and many have included an assessment evaluation to pre-screen applicants. When you answer the assessment questions, make sure to be carefully read the questions and be consistent with your answers.

The safest way to follow up on an online job application is to wait about a week then politely send a brief e-mail asking about the status of your recent application. Include the date and time you originally applied so they can easily search for you. Then just be patient and wait for a reply and refrain from following up more than once.