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Should you be judged by your appearance? Of course not, but the reality is that you are. The first thing an employer sees when greeting you is your attire, so your clothing says a lot about who you are. Make a point of being well-groomed, neat and clean. Make every effort to have proper clothing for the type of job you are seeking. Attitude is as equally important as your clothing. Remember to smile, make eye contact, and speak clearly. Do not wear your everyday clothes when you are out picking up applications at a business. Wear what you would wear for an interview. After all, you never know the person handing you the application may be the boss.

Before you go to a business whether it is to pick up an application, return an application or for an interview, look in the mirror! Is it clean and wrinkle free? If your clothing is too tight, too low or too loose don’t wear it! Don’t forget to look at your shoes. They are a very important part of your outfit and should be clean as well.

Do not wear anything that takes the focus off of you. No earrings should be worn in your eyebrows, nose, tongue, chin, etc… If you have tattoos, cover them up. Very little cologne or perfume should be applied, if any. If you wear make-up, keep it simple and natural. Your hair should be clean and out of your face. Be conservative; keep your jewelry simple. Once you have arrived at the business check your appearance one more time before you go in.