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Keys to Success on the Job

Once obtain employment; your biggest concern should be how you can keep it. Begin by focusing on the basics:  be on time every day, wear nice and clean clothing that is appropriate for the job, be friendly and make an effort to get along with your coworkers and supervisors and only call in sick when you are not feeling well.
Your attitude on the job is extremely important. Employers want their employees to have a positive attitude. A positive attitude can affect productivity and enhance the working relationships between colleagues. Be honest in your dealings with customers, coworkers and supervisors.

Employers also want you to demonstrate your commitment to the company. You can show an employer you are committed by being punctual, dependable and responsible. Learn what your duties are and how to perform them correctly. Remember, you are new on the job, don’t be afraid to say “I don’t understand,” or “Please show me again”. Employers like people that are productive. Keep busy by finding other things to do once you complete a task. Make sure you are reliable by completing the tasks given to you in a timely manner.

Feedback on your performance is crucial. Ask your supervisor for feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. Be open to criticism. It can help you become a better employee. Most importantly, don’t develop a false sense of security, everyone is replaceable. Act professional and do your best work every day.